Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Spending $50 a week on groceries: Week 1


My husband and I had a discussion a few days ago that I was overbuying groceries, which leads to wasted food and money. A few months ago I took a SNAP challenge, where I could only spend $50/week on groceries for the two of us. Chris proposed that I try once again to spend only $50/week on groceries, Challenge Accepted!

... and Challenge Failed! I went over budget, coming in at $59.81. The savings on my Kroger receipt only shows $14.05, but it doesn't take into account any markdowns (just sales).

With my $59.81 I got
Hiland Milk (no hormones)
3x Raman Noodles
Organic Banana Bunch
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
3x TTNO Frozen Pizza
On the Vine Tomatoes
2x Grannie Smith Apple
Soft Tortilla Shells
3x Lunchables
Kraft Mac N Cheese
Yogurt Raisins
Campbells Bean w/bacon soup
2x Raspberries
Swai Fillets
Frozen Okra
Managers' Special
Top Round Steak                         3.93
Stew Beef                                    5.34
Romaine Lettuce Bagged           .99
Ground Beef                               1.99
3x bags of 3 count bell peppers .99/each
Bag of apples                              .99
Snack Pack                                  .35
Clby Jack Cheese                        2.09
Deli Turkey Breast                     3.59

In manager's specials I would estimate I saved an additional $24 or more. The bell peppers I got were red, orange, and yellow which are normally around $1.69/each! Overall I saved about $38 off of $60, not bad!!

These groceries, along with everything in our house needs to last for a week. This week is going to be both the hardest and the easiest. This is the hardest because when you start disciplining yourself its always harder at first, whether it is exercise, a new diet, or a new budget! This is the easiest week because I still have a BUNCH of food in the cupboard/freezer!

The new sales ad comes out tomorrow so well I already shop around the ad, I'll need to start shopping around my cupboard as well! My trick for saving money is shopping on Tuesdays or Wednesdays (it is usually the best days for markdowns), now I just need to look at how expensive the meals I make are!