Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kroger Haul


I know I have discussed in past posts why I love Kroger, but today is a great example. Kroger's sale prices and their manager specials make them the best grocer around for my shopping!

At Kroger I picked up:
15 cans Campbell Soups $1/ea
Organic Milk $1
Chocolate Organic Milk $1
Organic Yogurt (big container) $1.25
4 boxes Organic Baby Bella's .99
Kefir Strawberry Milkshake $1.00
Organic Yogurt (small) .25
Olay Shaving Cream $1.25
Berry Juice .99
Organic Spinach .99

Everything listed above is manager's specials except the soup. The soup was on the buy 5 save $5 deals, and doesn't expire til next December! I was planning on buying 30 but many of them were already gone in our favorite flavors.

Since I'm sharing all my manager specials I do want to say that I don't wind up with this kind of haul every week, and the store I go to is actually a SMALL Kroger! I have 4 Krogers nearby-ish, all about the same distance away and by switching up which Kroger I went to I was able to judge them all based on what was important to me

1. Manager's Specials - I love to get a good deal
2. Product Freshness- I HATE to spend money on "fresh" fruit/veggies for it to be bad in a day or 2
3. Selection- I like buying Organic as much as I can (and if I can afford it)
4. Butcher/Bakery/Deli/Flowers- Having fresh fish, chicken, beef, baked goods, etc is always great
4. Location- It is always preferable that the store is in a good location
5. Employees- Friendly employees are always something that is appreciated
6. Store Size

The above 6 criteria are in no specific order but are all things I consider when shopping.

The store I go to now doesn't have the friendliest employees, is small so not a huge selection and no butcher or florist, and is in somewhat sketchy location! I love this store for: its small size, being pregnant that is a huge plus, the fact the produce is always fresh, even the markdowns last several days, markdowns go hand and hand with fresh produce/product but in addition to it meaning the store keeps their selection fresh it also saves me a LOT of money!

My favorite find of the day was the baby bella's. One of my pregnancy foods is sauteed baby bella's and to buy them full price for the organic ones is like $4/box, $3.29 for non-organic! I eat one box of these sauteed per sitting so I'm saving quiet a bit on these (not to mention I'm cheap so 4 at retail wouldn't be in the budget)!

My biggest tips for getting a great haul are:
1. Check out different stores (no not every shopping trip, but establish which ones are best)
2. Determine what days are best/when the store does markdowns
-in general Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days for deals, around 1!