Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dirt Cheap Haul


The weekend before last I headed out with my mom, one of our stops was Dirt Cheap. If I'm in the area near Dirt Cheap I always stop, there is no telling what there is in store!

Since it is September many stores are putting their summer merchandise on clearance, surprisingly Dirt Cheap is no exception. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dirt Cheap they say their prices are 40-60% off retail and then they have additional sales on top of that. Their clearance summer apparel for women/teenagers came out to just $1/per item! I found quiet a few clothing pieces for me, and my mom got a few too!

My Finds:
 In the picture above you can see I got:
3 Pairs of Shorts
- one of these the black pair (hard to see) are from Motherhood Maternity!
Girls Elsa Leggings
Champion Workout tank with built in bra
5 Shirts (most of these are from Rue21, so cute but not high quality but for $1 they are good!)
This picture shows off the dresses, romper, and two maternity tops I got!! I was astounded to see these were also just $1!
On the very left are the two maternity tops, also from Motherhood Maternity. Their clothes in store are usually in the $30-$40 range per piece and even used can cost some dough! I will probably sell the very first one as it isn't really my style, but I love the white one!
The third item in is a romper. I'm a huge fan of rompers personally but I'm not sure if I will like the style pattern on me... fortunately I have until next summer to figure out (and give birth and get into the size to fit it)
The 3 items on the right area all dresses! 2/3 are Lily Rose dresses and the last is a Lauren Conrad, these all sell at Kohl's and retail can be $40 and up per dress!!

I'm super excited by these finds! The retail of these items would easily be over $250 in store, I paid less than $20!

My mom also got some great finds like a LONG SLEEVE maternity shirt for just $1, some dockers shorts $1, and some capri's!