Friday, September 18, 2015

Rhea Lana Haul


I have heard about Rhea Lana and Duck Duck Goose since my aunt's had children twelve years ago. If you haven't figured out by my blog posts yet, I LOVE a good deal! I'm like the ultimate jew, I hate paying retail for almost anything, for me most thrift/resale stores are too expensive!

I scoured online for Rhea Lana Hauls. I had heard good things about them, but I also heard about their lines... I wasn't down to wait in line unless I was getting REALLY good deals. Today is one of Rhea Lana's final days at a location near me, and they happened to be right next to another store I was shopping at. Since it is one of the final days today is Rhea Lana's 50% off day, so I decided to check it out.

Here is my haul:

In total I spent $23, here is what I got:
6 cloth diapers
3 receiving blankets
Eddie Bauer Head Support
NWT Old navy fleece pants
2 Christmas sleeper pj's
3 Sleep sacks
An I love Daddy sleeper
Christmas Dress

To the right you can see my receipt.

I am SUPER thrilled with my haul, but I wouldn't have bought these if they weren't 1/2 off. The retail for these new would easily be over $100, for $23 I'll take used ones (in great condition!).

I have NO idea what day 1 of Rhea Lana's looks like. That is supposed to be when you get the best deals and it IS when you get the best selection... it is also the busiest! My friend was in line for 3 hours at Rhea Lana's, my time was like 10 minutes.

Rhea Lana's will be at another location near me next month. I'm considering consigning some clothes, but I'm not sure if it is worth it. Thoughts!?