Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Our Dog Food Picks


I previously wrote an entry on how to choose dog food. To paraphrase when choosing dog food:
1. Check Ingredients, the first 2/3 or 3/3 items listed should be a meat/fish
2. Check DogFoodAdvisor.com it isn't perfect but is a good resource
3. Check for recalls, this was one thing I left out of the other entry but is important!

I, personally, love giving my dogs a variety of food. We always switch up the food with every new bag we need to buy. With a 65 lb dog and a 25 lb dog we generally buy the largest bag available, from 25-30 lbs, which lasts us over a month. If you chose to buy your dogs different food then it is important to transition them over.

Our dog food brand picks are:
Chicken Soup

Two of these brands are made by Diamond, which some people have a huge problem with. Fromm is independently owned and has NEVER had a recall; Unfortunately my little dog didn't like the bag of Fromm we tried so next time we will try a different flavor of Fromm.

I'm sure there are other great brands/lines out there but these are all moderately priced ones. For a large bag we usually pay around $45.

If your buying your dog food from the grocery store please PLEASE go to dogfoodadvisor.com and type in the dog food and see the rating and why it is rated so low. When I first got Nina I gave her Purina and thought I was giving her good food, changing her and more importantly Shadow over to a better food made a big difference!