Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Walgreens Discountinuing Ology Toilet Paper


I have previously blogged about Walgreen's newer green line Ology, and I was thrilled to do so. I was so excited that Walgreens on the corner of happy and healthy would be offering consumers all over affordable natural eco friendly choices! Of ALL the products they were offering I was most excited about the toilet paper!

Ology's toilet paper is 100% tree FREE! Production of toilet paper wipes out 270,000 trees DAILY! The fact that Walgreens released a toilet paper that only used trees for the paper core (the thing the tp is wrapped around) is huge. Transitioning away from toilet paper made of trees could be a major step in stopping or slowing deforestation! Unfortunately that big chain that claimed to care in just 2012 is discontinuing their tree free toilet paper just 4 years later!

I switched to Ology toilet paper 3 years ago and it is the only thing we have bought since. When I was in the store last week I saw that the prices on the toilet paper were drastically slashed and bearing a clearance sticker. In the picture to the right you can see the price I was paying for years... now the toilet paper is less $3 for the 12 pack. Tomorrow I'm planning on buying the stores in my area out to keep using this environmentally friendly product as long as I can.

I'm planning on boycotting Walgreens as a result of this discontinuation. Walgreens made big statements about caring about the consumers and the environment JUST 4 years ago, what statement was made as to them discontinuing the toilet paper? NONE. I have a huge problem with companies that like to use causes to get good publicity but obviously don't stand behind the causes once the limelight goes away! The environment is something that should be saved, they came up with a product that can make a huge difference 1/4 a MILLION tress per DAY could be saved 27,000 if just 10% of the population switched to this brand! I think it is shameful that Walgreens would come up with a product that can make such a huge difference and then get rid of it!


When I wrote this entry I was pretty passionate and upset, and rightly so. When I'm upset sometimes I don't say things as eloquently as they could be said or make my point well enough. After some time hunting down all the remaining tp I could find at local Walgreens I found what I had been looking for when I wrote this entry, the statement affirming Walgreens "cares" about the environment and they are trying to save the world... obviously they don't since they discontinued this, but here it is: 

Walgreens has also discontinued SEVERAL of their other environmentally friendly Ology products! Please consider boycotting them, or at least send them a message letting them know your not happy about this!