Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Baby buys and Belly Pics


Hello Everyone,
I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant so I still have a ways to go! I thought I would share my 19 and 23 week belly pics with ya'll as well as some of my new baby finds (clearance + garage sales), and things we have been gifted for our little girl!

19 weeks                                                                          23 weeks

I have to say I'm a big fan of dresses now, I feel like they are most flattering! I also LIVE in yoga pants. I find them much more comfortable then even my maternity jeans (I have 3 pair).

Baby Finds
I'm going to do a mashup of pictures for ya'll then I'll go over about how much I paid for everything or let you know it was a gift!

Here is what I bought:
Baby Hats, 2 packs with 2 each: $1/ea pack 
Gerber's Cloth Diapers: $2
Wipe Holder: $1
Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks: .25
New Baby Bath: $7
Baby Book: $6.50
Baby Book 2: $2
Clothes: .25-.50/ea
Santa Frame: $1
Burp Cloth sets: .50
Books: .50/ea

Gifted was the Diaper Bag (MIL) and everything in the bottom picture, including the two heavy winter outfits, a nursing cover, a sling, and a swaddle, was gifted from my husbands coworker! Some of the items listed in what I bought were actually purchased by my mother when we were yard saling or in the store together, they were my/our finds but she definitely paid for some!

The max total out of MY pocket for everything pictured was probably around $35. It is hard to estimate exactly even knowing what was paid because I know my mom bought the items from at least one of the yard sales if not two where I got quiet a few items!

Out of everything pictured only two of the items were bought directly from a store: the diaper bag, which was gifted to us, and the baby book, which was found at Walmart on clearance for only $6.50!

We bought 6 NEW items from other people. 4/6 were bought at a yard sale that was fundraising for local cheerleaders, and the baby bath was bought from an online yard sale site and was new/never used! Some of the clothes appear to be in new condition and I'm pretty sure she told me some were never worn and just washed or barely worn!

The last item I want to mention is the second baby book. I bought the first baby book from Walmart and I loved it, but I found the second at a yard sale for just $2 and it has different things in it! The yard sale baby book doesn't look brand new but it isn't in bad shape and was never filled out, so for $8.50 our baby has 2 baby books to commemorate all kinds of memories!

To finish up this entry I wanted to leave you with a picture of my beautiful wolf dog, Shadow. He looks exhausted here but he HAS TO sniff EVERYTHING that is brought into this house: people, items, clothes, shoes. I caught him right after he was sniffing all the books. He and Nina are just one reason I love buying second hand, the baby items I buy smell like baby! I think buying used will help them adjust!
Here are other reasons I like buying used
1. Save Money
2. Help your LOCAL economy- money goes directly to the sellers who live in your area
3. Less Chemicals- unless your buying organic new clothes have a LOT of chemicals in them, when they are used they have already been washed a few times which gets some of those out!
4. Environmentally Friendly- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Buying used means I'm not creating demand for more products to be made!