Monday, July 13, 2015

Garage Sale Finds III


This weekend I went shopping with my mother, you can see our thrift store finds here. We found lots of good things at garage sales, thrift stores and a new discount store that opened in our area (post coming later).

My Finds:                       Cost
Dress                                 $1
Baby/Kids Books             .25-.50
Burp Clothes                    .25
Large Pots                         $3
Medium Pots                     $1.50
Baby Toy                          $1
Toy with blanket               .50

 I saved a TON of money on the pots. The decorative large pots that I have looked at buying in store cost around $15-$20 each! I currently needed two in order to re-pot my dwarf mulberry trees; but have been planning on getting more indoor plants since it improves indoor air quality!

This pot is one of my absolute favorites. The pot is older and has a few chips but it is so beautiful with the etching! The pot is large and would be perfect for a smaller tree and most flowers or plants!

These pots were bought at an estate sale from a lady in my neighborhood which was a transplant from England, so these might be from there as well!

I managed to purchase four of these white pots, two are large and two are medium sized. I love that I was able to find matching pots and in different sizes too. These are great because I can use them to make things look symmetrical which is something I'm slightly OCD about. I like antiques and unique things but if I have 5 pots in a row I would want the first and last to match!

On the left you can see the burp clothes we picked up at a yard sale for only .25/each! These are all handmade and REALLY thick. My mom was in love and I like that these are handmade, have great patterns and are thick enough that vomit or spit-up won't go through them (unlike some sold in stores).
(Not pictured are two that have green backs visible, and one has a polka dot front and the other has a frog pattern front)

The bear to the left was bought at a yard sale for $1. It was clean and works perfectly! We will re clean him of course but I was surprised to find he didn't even need new batteries!

You can see the price of the cute bear on the right holding a fleece blanket. We paid just .50 for him and he is BRAND new!

Pictured left is a few books that were picked up ultra cheap, being from between a quarter or two quarters each . The rattle was also picked up brand new and was .25.

I love doing these posts on my finds to encourage others to check out yard sales or even hold them. My mom made several hundred dollars at her last yard sale, and we have saved soo much money shopping at them. The money we spend at yard sales also goes back into our local community, which is great!