Monday, July 13, 2015

Thrift Store Finds


This last Saturday my mom and I went shopping. There is a new store that opened up in the area we wanted to go to, one I'll be blogging on as soon as I get pictures of the merchandise I bought! In addition to the new store we went yard saling and stopped at a few thrift stores!

Thrift Store Finds:
Tom Clancy Book                    .50
Pregnancy Book                       .50
Winter Baby Outfit                 3.00
Tops (3)                                 12.00
JR Watkins Shampoo              5.00
JR Watkins Baby Wash           4.00
JR Watkins Baby Lotion         4.00
Chair                                      40.00
Canvas Painting                     15.00

Now for those of you who aren't familiar with the JR Watkins products these are natural, made in the USA, and have been produced since 1868! My mom was thrilled to find this product, her parents used to sell it when she was a child so she actually purchased the baby products from their line for the baby!

This isn't the best picture of this painting but I absolutely adore it. This just reminds me of a simpler life, and one that I aspire to lead. My mom actually purchased this for me as well since I was on the fence, $15 is NOTHING for a hand painted canvas in a frame but I didn't know how it would go in our current house! We found a perfect spot for it so I may add another picture of this painting once it is hung in place!

My favorite thrift store find was an antique chair that had already been completely refurbished! Shockingly the sticker price was only $45 on this beauty, but I only had $43 in cash left so I haggled them down to $40 and had JUST enough to cover the cost of the chair and tax! This chair is actually now part of a reading nook placed by our bookshelf!

I took some pictures at one thrift store of some cool metal signs we found for just $10! I bought my mom one of these with bears on it (not pictured) for her Alaska themed room, and she bought 2 additional ones including a beautiful train one and one with some of the Andy Griffith show cast around Aunt Bee's table!

I LOVE these vintage metal signs, my favorite of them being the MotorHead, the Cows, and the Train one my mom bought (not pictured). If my husband and I are able to move into the country at some point and start farming I will absolutely buy the Farm Fresh Milk metal picture!

I adore thrift shops! My favorite antiques are always furniture pieces, these are almost always better constructed then their newer counterparts, have history, and they are unique since they aren't sold anymore! Although furniture is my favorite find I also love other antiques. Thrift Stores have items that you can't find anywhere else and depending on the store/booth they can have dirt cheap prices!