Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Burt's Bees Body Lotions Review


A few weeks ago I found a bunch of the "natural" product lines in the clearance section at kroger. Of course I was thrilled. I love the truly natural lines, but since Clorox bought out Burt's Bees and they came out with the GUD line I've been less trusting of their products.

Of the three lotions pictured above I have the two on the outside. The lotions are touted as 99% natural so hopefully that means no harmful chemicals, they do not contain parabens or pthalates! 

I personally like these lotions. I would absolutely recommend them, both for the .99 I scoped them up for and for the $7.99 retail price! What I would NOT recommend is the "fragrance free" one, it STINKS! The one to the far left smells amazing and I'm sure the middle one also smells good! These are great moisturizers, although they are white when you apply on your skin and you really have to rub them in. The white coloring until they are rubbed in properly can be seen as a positive as it makes you really rub the lotion in, and stimulate your skin (which is healthy).

Go get you one!