Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wallpapered walls 101


When we bought our house we had to see past the wallpaper and the 70's vibe. We saw the potential of the house, and now that we have moved in we are trying to bring out the potential!!

The first thing that I wanted to tackle was the our master bathroom, complete with striped orange and pink wallpaper!
(Pictured left)

The wallpaper was actually so old that it was starting to come up in the corners, which meant it took less than an hour to strip this stuff off the walls! It felt AMAZING to get so much progress so fast! Without the wallpaper the walls were revealed.... (right) There was defect in the wall that were immediately revealed. Being first time homeowners, and not having experience remodeling, I didn't realize that the walls would need sanded down. Call it putting lipstick on a pig because my walls need REDONE again (this time I will sand them down).

To the left you can see the color we have chosen for our bathroom. Our bathroom is much more complete then shown in the picture to the left and I will do an update soon =)