Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kmart: One of the best CLEARANCE stores around!


It seems for many people the name Kmart brings up images of inferior goods, expensive goods, dingy lighting, horrible displays, and bad customer service. Most people I talk to always dismiss Kmart offhand, but don't be so quick to judge!

I had never shopped at Kmart prior to working there, in fact, I don't even think we have Kmarts where I am from! I was looking for a job during my summer off from college and since all of my experience is in the food service industries I decided I would look for a retail job, living in a small town the options were limited and Kmart was hiring. I applied and was hired. I don't think Kmart is anyone's dream job, if for no reason other than the pay... don't get me wrong I enjoyed working there, and I don't consider jobs as being beneath me at all, but if given the choice between Kmart and say Hollister, I would have taken Hollister (employee discount ya'll)!

Working there I got to see all the merchandise everyday, and found out really quickly how many good deals can be found there.... unfortunately I often spent quiet a bit of my check there too!! The bad thing about Kmart is you will buy things you don't NEED, the good thing? You will find things you WANT for a LOW price! I went today, I got a couple of things on clearance.

Purses $2.99

Hats .99

 Cat Toys (90% off)
Robe $3.99
Shirts $3.99
Screws .30/baggie
Roller Blades $4.00

I got a couple of other small things but really the Roller Blades alone are worth $37 each, I bought two pair so that is more than my total! I just got Roller blades and they go from cheap at $37 all the way to over a hundred! While some of their prices are high I don't think average they are super high priced, they also have sales which is when I stock up on canned dog food because they do the big can of Pedigree for $1 each.

I'm not huge one posting about stores but since this one has so much bad "press" I think I should blog and say "give it a chance"!

Oh, and as far as customer service... It can't be too bad, I worked there ;)