Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Our new editions: Baby Chicks


I had originally planned to title this "Our newest Editions", but last night I came home to a surprise (more about that later).  Five days ago we drove an hour and picked up 5 baby silkie chicks. We haven't named them yet so your welcome to comment suggestions =) We picked 3 white ones, a black, and the top one which is white with black. Sorry the pictures are weird, they have a red heat lamp so the glow reflects in the pictures and makes it look like there is a demon hiding in our laundry room (glow under the door).

The chicks very in friendliness. I'm not sure if that is our fault or not, it is kind of impossible to tell the white chicks apart so no idea if we are holding them equally. They have done amazing since we got them though. We drove an hour to pick them up then drove them back an hour home, had to stop for the heat lamp and plastic tub, set them up then drove out for their food, and food and water dishes... yeah, we weren't ready at all LOL. Here is there set up:

Info about silkies: 
  1. Broody breed
  2. Great Mothers
  3. Friendly
  4. Bantam
  5. Black skin
  6. A "show" bird
  7. Extra Toes
  8. Predator Prone
There is probably MUCH more to silkies than my short list but being a backyardchickens.com member it was easy for me to find breed specific information on each chicken breed. These will be my first chickens and I wanted a really friendly breed, especially since I'm not a "farmer" but just trying to become more self sufficient by urban homesteading. 

I feel the need to point out one very important fact about why I chose silkies: I have alektorophobia, for those of you who don't know that means I'm afraid of chickens. It's a long story but to shorten it, I was horrible at 3? and would get pebbles climb this SUPER TALL slide (3 ft) and throw them at a rooster, he got mad and flew up the slide and chased me pecking me the whole way back to the house... and now I'm scared of chickens, the way they follow you around and then run when you turn to see them is a bit creepy I mean come on!! So I chose silkies for their looks probably more than any other reason, I thought I might get my feet wet with a chicken that doesn't look so much like other chickens... that is right, overcoming my fears one step at a time!!

(Pictured above is how they should look full grown, picture from the blog DadisLearning.com)