Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Living Room and Hallway Paint Preview


I promised some remodeling and one of the cheapest ways to make a room look completely different is with paint! Our HUGE living room and hallway was COVERED in old granny wallpaper. Rather than taking the wallpaper down and worrying about sanding down the wall and finding defects we chose to just paint over it.

I will be honest, we haven't finished painting yet because my husband is umm laid back... Anyway we started painting before planned because 2 gallons of the paint was placed on a barstool, and in case ya'll don't understand if you do that then the paint will fall and spill!

In case of paint spillage on hard floors get a brillo! Brillo pads are awesome for getting paint off the floor, before the brillo you of course need to get the majority of the paint up using whatever method necessary (towels, mops, napkins, scoop excess paint up).

Below is a preview. We are going to refinish all the doors and make them all white since it looks great with the new paint!