Sunday, January 12, 2014

Are Our Recycle Bins too Small?


I have to say I am proud of my husband. When he first came home I was constantly grabbing things out of our trashcan and transferring them to our recycle bin, he saw me and apologized then began asking, now he pretty much knows as well as me! He isn't a "eco-man" but he knows that I care about the environment so he does it for me.

For the past three weeks I have noticed that our recycle bin is overfull come pickup day.

Is it a wonder why? The picture obviously is a graphic but my point is the size of a recycle bin is much smaller than the size of a garbage can, especially the outdoor type! In some cities (like mine), you are given a bin for recycling and that is ALL they will pick up... in my city you have to pay a deposit on the bin too, which is fine because as it was explained to me, I have paid for it so it is mine but if I choose to return it then keep my receipt!

My point being, it is estimated that 70% of household waste is recyclable! If the majority of waste is recyclable shouldn't the larger container be for recyclables while confining the bin to those material that will wind up in a landfill somewhere?