Thursday, January 23, 2014

DIY Remodel of a house for under $10,000


As you all know, hubs and I are buying our first house. What you don't know is what the house currently looks like... lets just say the inside is trapped in the seventies, minus the shag carpet. I have so many projects and limited $$$, but that just means that we get creative and do the work ourselves.

Why $10,000 you ask? For me that number was a figure that I feel confident I will recoop when we sell the house. This is our first house and I have no illusions that we will grow old in it, however I think it is a great starter house, a great place to start our family and branch out, customize =)

Our projects?
Remove wallpaper (present in about 1/2 the house)
New Flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms
Refinish or Replace Countertops
Add a privacy fence for the backyard
Paint all the rooms in the house (possible stenciling and wainscotts?)
Refinish all of the cabinets
Add backsplashes
New Interior Doors
Remove Popcorn Ceiling
Refinish Fireplace
Replace Fireplace mantel
Paint exterior sunroom
New Light Fixtures
Custom Walk in Shower
Custom Closet
Custom Guest bath/shower with tub with jets
New Windows
New Hardware
New Faucets
New Sinks
New Toilets

Now, the things I plan to do may or may not change once I start working on the house. I realize I have a pretty tall order given that bathroom remodels can cost over $10,000 by themselves. Labor is a huge expense when remodeling and since we will be doing almost all the work ourselves we will be saving a lot of money. Another way we will be saving money is by shopping for second hand, clearance, and sale merchandise.

We close on the house in a month so check back and you can follow along with my remodel projects, before and afters, and my costs per project! I HATE when you look on a blog and they don't include costs!