Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Future Ideas ( House Remodel, DIY, Chickens, Composting, Garden )


This is a very exciting time in my life. My husband and I are under contract to buy a house. Now I don't want to say to much and jinx it, which is why I'm postponing pictures (except one) or many facts about the house until we officially close. Despite not wanting to share with too many people I have been planning non stop.

This is one picture of the house and pretty much sums it all up. It was built in 1975 and while the late owner took great care of the house, she never did cosmetic updates, so it still looks like its in the 70's.

I have a list of remodel plans for this house! If we get it then you can expect to see many DIY posts with before and after pictures! My blog has always leaned toward the frugal and I plan on remodeling the house for under $10,000!

My favorite DIY blog is http://www.domesticimperfection.com/ check it out for yourself!

Worm composting is another idea that I want to take and run with, along with urban chickens... and maybe some other poultry like a duck! I first heard about and tried worm composting as a young teen, I failed because I didn't have a proper place to keep my worms. My mom made me keep them outside and it rained non stop. In short the worms drowned.

Ever since I was a child I wanted to have a smaller hobby farm when I was an adult. I love animals so when my husband and I started our house hunt I wanted something with acerage. My husband agreed at first, until learning about the ins and outs of being rural (septic tanks, wells, etc). My husband wanted suburban and we won't have much land with the house we are buying; it backs up to a horse boarding ranch which is beautiful.

I found that urban chickens are actually a thing. Not all cities allow you to raise chickens within the city but some will allow you to have up to 4 or 6 (no roosters). I loved baby chicks but I am super scared of chickens, there is a phobia name for it, its a thing guys! Having read many blogs and articles about it I think the problem is that the full grown chickens I have been around were not raised and domesticated. They were meaner... So we will be starting with eggs or chicks, if we wind up doing it. I want to try though, a great blog about raising urban chickens is

I just came across the blog today but all the posts I have read I did like. I commented and recommended composting with worms to her for the same reason I am pairing the two together here.

With or without chickens I like the idea of composting worms. We are eating more and more fresh fruits and vegetables, the worms can compost any part of those that we do not eat or that spoil before we have a chance to eat. These worms turn our organic waste into nutrient rich garden soil! The worms will multiply and eventually you will want to either sell them, use them for fishing, give them away, or feed them (to your chickens)!

Chickens are great for fresh organic free range eggs! It helps you know where your food comes from and that its sustainable and humanely procured! In my opinion it is also great for little kids. Whether your growing your food in a garden (another of my ideas) or raising some kind of livestock.

So what do you think about the potential future of my blog? Are you looking forward to posts concerning house remodeling, DIY, Furniture refinishing, gardening, urban chicken farming, worms, etc?