Friday, January 3, 2014

January Petco Clearance Finds


My family consists of me, my husband, and our two dogs Nina and Shadow. Since half of our family is canine one of my favorite stores is Petco... after all it's where the pets go right?

Petco has won my loyalty easily over Petsmart. They carry better foods well Petsmart has the grocery store dog food brands which FYI are not very good for your canine companion. Our dogs aren't on a strict diet, something that might change after their vet appointment today, one is over weight and the other seems to have some kind of allergy. We watch what their dog food is however, and we prefer to feed the Whole Earth Farms food by Merrick. Petco carries this type of dog food, they have other good choices as well.

My favorite thing about Petco? The clearance of course! My least favorite thing? The bathrooms... or the groomers, although I haven't used the groomers I have heard horror stories, and I could write a couple horror stories about the bathrooms!

I almost always find good deals in Petco, and rarely pay retail for anything other than their food and the occasional rawhide. A few days ago I hit jackpot in Petco, for $48 I got

  • 30lb bag Whole Earth Dog Food ($20)
  • 17.5 lb bag Whole Earth Dog Food ($10)
  • 8 lb bag Whole Earth Dog Food ($6)
  • 2 can covers (.40)
  • 4 cans of Canyon Creek Ranch dog food ($4)
  • A dog toy (1.50)
  • A chew toy ($3)
  • Cat toothpaste ($1)
One of the bags of dog food had a $4 off coupon attached to it which saved me money! Normally their 30lb bag of dog food runs about $48 after tax so I essentially got everything after that free. I did make two concessions 1. Cat toothpaste, I have dogs but I figure it will work just the same 2. The 17.5 lb bag is a senior formula and my oldest dog isn't considered a senior yet... however it isn't bad for them to have this dog food or unhealthy in any way. 

If you have pets I would recommend stopping into Petco often. I like to take my pets, that way they get excitement and socialization. I often find great buys there, organic treats, dental chews, toys! I <3 Petco!