Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year New Products


We made it, 2013! Unfortunately I didn't do anything special to celebrate, husband had to work early ;) I did however get out to do some grocery shopping since we had been out of groceries for over a week! I found great sales on some eco friendly shampoos such as Krogers Mirra line, and Organix shampoo. I also picked up some burts bees body wash and hand soap. I will be reviewing the products as soon as I have a chance to try them out!

Pictures of the lines are posted below, I don't have all the products shown. I bought: Organix  hydrating macadamia oil Shampoo and nutritional acai berry avocado Shampoo, I didn't need any conditioner as I still have plenty so I stuck to getting two shampoos to try. At my Walgreens these were on sale 2/$10. From the Burts Bees GUD line I bought Orande Petalooza foaming hand wash, and Vanilla Flame Body Wash. These Items were both on clearance the hand wash was about $2 and the body wash $3. I found some of the Mirra line on clearance for $1.87 at my local Kroger and picked up two chia and elder extract volumizing shampoos for myself and sunflower and red tea extract color care shampoo and conditioner for my mom who I'm trying to influence to make some eco friendly choices.

I will be switching over to eco friendly shampoo as soon as my current shampoo runs out however which is good news, since I'm editing this post I want to share that I only have 1/3 of the bottle of shampoo left then its eco friendly shampoo! I did notice when shopping that it is pretty difficult to determine what is and isn't eco friendly. Even doing internet searches asking about how eco friendly the product is I either drew a blank or had one reference as to the answer. I also forgot my shopping bags... because they are still filled with recyclables so I did use plastic which was my bad!

When I review each product I will go over the ingredients list and what is or if the case may be is not eco friendly! My point in sharing the prices I paid for these items other than the fact that I love getting a good bargin was to show that being eco friendly doesn't have to be expensive. My sister told me that especially the week of earth day there are great sales on eco friendly products and now with all these store brands coming out that are eco friendly its easier to find eco friendly products that are priced similar to the non eco friendly!

For the new years I didn't make any new resolution. Every day is a new chance, every day you have hope to change yourself and your life, so the new year is nothing different than the new day! I'm only hoping that my husband will give up smoking like he has been meaning to since before we were married.