Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Daily MIRRA volumizing shampoo review


This week I finally got to switch to a more eco friendly shampoo choice. Eco friendly doesn't have to mean expensive though, this shampoo was also an economical choice. I bought it on clearance for less than $2.00.

Mirra is sold in a cute recyclable bottle and is paraben free, formaldehyde donor free, and uses some natural ingredients. Well I will admit I'm sure this isn't the MOST eco friendly option it is certainly better for the environment than most of the commonly used name brands.

I was excited to try a shampoo that would be a little bit better for our environment and hopefully healthier with less chemicals. I won't discourage you or anyone from buying Mirra, its certainly not the worst shampoo out there, however I'm also not going to recommend it. 

Mirra didn't do anything special for my hair, it washed it yes but for a volumizing shampoo I didn't notice anymore volume in my hair. I also didn't notice additional shine or healthier looking hair. It left my hair clean, but no additional benefits.

The smell of Mirra chia and elder extracts is odd but I would say its refreshing because it smells more natural than most personal care products. 

I won't be buying anymore MIRRA volumizing shampoo, chia and elder extract. I would be willing to give their other shampoos, conditioners, and products a try if I found a good deal on them. 

I will also be asking my mom for her opinion of the MIRRA color treated shampoo and conditioner for a review of them!


Edit: I would like to add on that after a few weeks this shampoo no longer worked for my hair at all. I washed my hair and it would be greasy the next day, however my cousin with thick hair uses it along with the conditioner and they leave her hair very soft.