Friday, January 11, 2013

DivaCup Review


Just a forwarning to any men out there that read my post the Diva Cup is a menstrual cup that is an eco friendly alternative to pads or tampons. Unless you have a wife or a daughter, and even if you do, I know how men are so if continue reading any scarring you receive from talk of our products is completely 100% on you!

Now then, lets begin. 

My eco friendly journey will probably be a lengthy one. I am the kind of girl who never finishes what she starts, and while I plan on changing that it is the reason that some of my posts are so far apart. 

For over a month now I have been reading up on a product called the Diva cup. I was thinking about all the disposable products we use and I've been set on using cloth diapers when I have children for a while now, however I always joke that tampons, pads, and pantyliners, are womens' diapers. Although I'm more educated on the cloth vs disposable diaper debate I'm going to take a swing at the Eco Friendly Menstruel cup vs disposable womens products debate!

Diva Cups mission statement includes being environmentally friendly. Every year millions of pads, tampons, and pantyliners are thrown into landfills every year, or worse make their way into our waterways. These items are single use disposable, if you read my chemerical overview you know that we don't like those.

Single use disposables are made to be convenient, but are they really? Having to worry you will run out of something, having to run to the store at odd times because you did run out of it, having to take the trash out everyday, smelling garbage blocks from the landfill because you and your city create SOO much? Having a single use disposable item (styrofoam) that will be around longer than the statue of David. How is that convienant? You buy something to use once for less than a day that is around longer than you are, does that make any sense?

In addition to me caring about the environment and being an animal lover I also had other motivations to try the Diva Cup. I read many of the amazon reviews and a few sparked my attention:

-No longer will I have to haul around pads, tampons, and pantyliners. The initial cost of a menstrual cup is far less than what I was spending per year on other products, and the Cup lasts a lifetime. Not to mention that the Cup is much better for the environment and much easier to port around. The Cup comes in a cute little floral cloth pouch that looks similar to a tiny change purse.

-Diva Cup claims 12 hour protection and so far has lived up to that on even my "fire hydrant" days. Instead claims the same and doesn't live up to that at all - I had to change mine about every 6 hours or else my cup runneth over. I so far haven't needed even a panty liner with the Diva Cup, even though I would never tempt fate enough to go without one.

-I’ve been using a mooncup for about 5 years now. I love it. Yes, it does get a bit messy sometimes, but it’s great not to have to stock up on sanitary products and worry about getting caught short! I started using it for environmental reasons, but I’ve also saved myself a lot of money so far, and I really believe that my menstrual cramps have hugely reduced since I started using it – a great bonus!

- I’ve definitely seen a shorter duration of bleeding. You can’t argue with that!

These are reviews from two different sites, Amazon and I read pages of reviews when I was debating trying the Diva cup and I wanted to share on here that users have said that they experience less cramps and pelvic pain with the Diva Cup.

The Diva Cup is also chemical free which can't be said of the pads, tampons, and pantyliners! One reviewer attributed the lessening of her cramps to the fact that no longer is her body subjected to foreign chemicals. From my Chemerical post we all know that just because something is sold in a store in the United States doesn't mean its totally safe! We definitely need stricter chemical enforcement over here, but if we can get a product that does the same thing as chemical laden products then why not try it!

I just got my DivaCup in two days ago. Mine cost me less than $25 shipping included, I bought it on Amazon after shopping around for the best price. I do have a stockpile of tampons and pantyliners but if this DivaCup works those are all being returned to the store or getting donated to a battered womens shelter that I donated to around Thanksgiving! While I do have mine, I haven't started my cycle since obtaining it and have been to chicken to give it a dry test run!

From all the pages of reviews I have read here are the pros and cons!

Eco Friendly- produces virtually no waste
Hygienic- although alot of people would think this is not the case the Divacup stores the blood in the cup, I always get a bunch of blood on my hand when removing tampons its gross, even when the part in me hasn't soaked much blood up there is ALWAYS blood on the string!
Chemical Free- I've already pointed this out but I'm making a list now so its reiterated
Saving Money- Tampons are $5-$8 a box plus you need pantyliners which are only like $2 but still thats $10 a month, I have no clue how much pads are but this shows that in a month and a half the Diva Cup pays for itself... and it can be used until it needs replaced although given the type of product it is "the general guideline is every year", I have read reviews of ladies who took care of theirs and had it 3-10 years!
Convenient- The DivaCup unlike other products only needs taken care of 2 to 3 times a day. Many reviewers mention that they just wash the Divacup out and reinsert in the morning and an hour before bed and don't worry about it the rest of the day
Lessens Cramps for Some- I did have to put for some since only some reviewers mentioned this as an effect of them changing to this product, I'm hoping I'll have this side effect!
No Risk of TSS- pretty self explanatory!
Shortened Period- I can't say for sure on this but some reviewers noted their cycles were a day shorter which they attributed to the suction of the cup, it might also be the free fall collection who knows but if it can shorten my cycle I'm in!
Keeps your vagina in its natural state- Your vagina is a self cleaning part of your body, its meant to stay a certain degree lubricated and to have a specific PH level. Where as the other products, or chemicals in other products, can dry you out or throw your PH level off some reviewers felt more comfortable with the cup because they weren't uncomfortably dry or didn't notice the odor they did when using other products (Ladies and Gentlemen, its perfectly normal for a ladies oder to change around her cycle, but if its caused by the product she is using rather than being an affect of her cycle its not!)
Discreet/Space- you no longer need to lug around tampons and pantyliners or pads and hope no one sees them. If you have already started your period you will be wearing your Divacup and therefor not need to carry anything on your person as they last up to 12 hours without needing rinsed and reinserted. If your going to start you period soon than the Divacup comes with a cute little pouch to carry it in. 

Learning Curve- Many reviewers said that its hard initially to get in correctly and that there is a learning curve, they also suggested giving it a dry run to learn how to inset and take it out correctly without any messes
Pain with Incorrect insertion/take out- Some reviewers complained that the cup was painful when they were learning how to use it.
Upfront Costs- The Diva Cup cost me about $25 and its recommended you buy the DivaWash with it... well I didn't need the Wash because the cup is silicone and to I have a silicone cleaner already that was never used because what it was bought for doesn't get used ;) nuff said! =)
Requirements- to use the Divacup you need to get acquainted with yourself which for some is very uncomfortable.
Have to buy online- I didn't find the Diva Cup or any reusable menstrual cup at any of the stores near me. For me this wasn't a problem but I listed it under cons because I know for some it might be.

Ultimately I would be thrilled if I got even one person to switch over to a Divacup or any reusable menstrual cup. I personally choose the DivaCup because of the reviews and stars it received on Amazon, but I'm not saying its necassarily better than the Luna Cup or any of the other brands. If you would like to learn more about it has alot of information, however I prefer hearing about products from other consumers which is why I use so many reviews in one place!

Anyone who switches over, has questions, comments, or currently uses one feel free to review/share/ask in the comment section!