Friday, January 25, 2013

Organix Rejuvinating Cherry Blossom Ginseng Review


This is not a personal review but one by my mom who I've been attempting to get to switch to green products. Fortunately I did get my mother to switch over to a more eco friendly shampoo and conditioner. Walgreens carries the Organix line, in addition to Kroger and select other stores. My mother and I have both purchased Organix hair care products and she couldn't be more thrilled with hers!

Before switching to the Organix shampoo and conditioner my mother suffered from dry, brittle, hair and split ends! My mom is a natural red head but takes to dying her hair frequently to avoid her natural color and the grey hairs that comes with maturity! My mom is also in general a fairly cheap person which in reference to hair means that she colors it herself, and uses cheap boxes of dye which do nothing for her hair but dry it out!

Since using Organix my mom is always telling me to "feel her hair" everytime I see her. She also has told me that she now frequently runs her hands through her hair now! I have noticed that her hair is looking more healthy myself.

My mother would rate the smell of the Cherry Blossom Ginseng an 8 and said she loves it/really likes it. She has also mentioned needing to return to Walgreens to get more, and is considering permanently switching to this line, although she wants to try the different Organix shampoo and conditioner options. She was actually just mentioning getting rid of the other shampoos she was using before trying Organix, which given her stockpile and the fact that she really is loving the Organix shampoo and conditioner she has tried means she will be doing returning she stockpiled hair care items for the Organix Line.

The Fact that my Mom is willing to pay $5 a bottle on shampoo and conditioner that is on sale is saying alot given how frugal she generally is. I have two Organix shampoos in my bathroom right now and can't wait to try them out after her raving about hers since she started using it.

About Organix:
1. These products are NOT organic, although they may use some Organic ingrediants.
2. These products are Cruelty Free, they aren't tested on animals!
3. These products are Sulfate, Gluten, and Paraben Free!
4. Labels are made using environmentally friendly practices/materials, no fossil fuels are used in making the labels on these products which differs from many other lines!
5. The bottles/packaging are both eco friendly and recyclable!