Friday, January 25, 2013

My stockpile now


Since I posted the entry My Stockpile:In the Beginning, I feel the need to update you all on my progress! So to begin I'm going to give you the list of what comprised my stockpile in the beginning and remind you all that NONE of these products were eco friendly, then for items that I have gotten rid of I will cross out the item and put the amount I currently have highlighted after it.

                                                 In total my un eco friendly stockpile consisted of about: 
3 packs of pad refills for our swiffer wetjet
1 cleaner refill for our swiffer wetjet
2 packs of dryer sheets
3 laundry detergents    2
3 packs of clorox wipes
3  packs of dish detergents (20 count)
2 secret deodorants (for me)   1
6 Old Spice Deodorants (my hubby's)   3
4 hand soaps    2
4 air fresheners
8 bottles of woman's body wash    4
2 bottles of old spice men's body wash   1
4 bottles of conditioner   2
1 bottle of shampoo
1 bottle of men's shampoo & conditioner
3 opened face masks
6 various hair-care products
2 unopened biore face cleansers    1
8 bottles of women's shaving cream    6
2 edge men's shaving cream        1
17 unopened packages of women's razors    8
9 boxes of 40 count tampons           5
6+ boxes of 18-20 count tampons    2
6 packages of 20 count carefree liners

In total my stockpile before had 107 items that weren't beneficial to the environment and probably weren't that beneficial to my or my husbands health. According to my calculations I have gotten rid of 35 of those items from my stockpile which is approximately 1/3. I didn't throw ANY of these items away, I simply used them, returned them, or gave them away. I donated some items around Christmas, gave my mom a few things that she wanted, and I gave her one or two of my hubbys products to send to my brother who is serving overseas!

As mentioned many items were returned for Walgreens store credit.... by my mom =)  
I however didn't return all of the disposable products! I still have 7 boxes of tampons, 2 opened, and 8 packs of razors. Since using the Divacup I no longer need Tampons and I prefer the Divacup. I plan on donating 3 boxes, returning 2 and keeping the 2 open boxes in case I ever lose my Divacup and have to reorder. I have kept all of my liners, given I still use them. My 8 packs of razors are a mixup of the cheap ones that work better on my underarms and the more expensive ones that I use for everything else. My skin is delicate, if you couldn't guess by the fact that I have to keep two different razors in the shower. My skin is in fact so delicate that I can't shave my legs everyday, even using shaving jel, without developing severe painful razor burn (you can ask my husband)! I have bought a electric reusable wet dry razor that has great reviews and is said to be able to be used for any part of your body, however since its in the mail and I haven't tried it yet I wasn't ready to let go of all my razors!

Given that I plan on using many of the products until they are gone I can't say that I will have another update on my stockpile anytime soon. I can say however that I'm accumulating eco friendlier options including: 3 shampoos ($2-$5), the divacup ($25), a reusable electric razor ($20), hand soap ($4), toothpaste ($3), toilet paper ($5), paper towels ($1), deoderant ($3), and laundry stain remover ($2). Instead of using the store bought carpet sprinkles on my carpet to get rid of pet odors I have substituted baking soda (.75). Notice that I have included the price points of what I paid for these items. I want to emphasize that you can go green on a budget, yes it does require additional work. To go green on a budget you need to either be like me and shop sales and clearances or make some of the products yourself, but I would encourage you to try!