Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Stockpile (in the beginning)


After moving out on our own Chris and I realized how expensive things could be. He detests using coupons and won't even correct the cashier if a product rings up wrong. As a child coupons embarrassed me and I detested them to, as an adult who is majoring in finance in college, coupons are the smart choice.

I have saved countless dollars since I began grocery shopping. With my Kroger card alone this year I have saved almost $500, not bad. In my zealousness for saving money and shopping smarter I amassed a small stockpile. 

In total my stockpile consists of about:
3 packs of pad refills for our swiffer wetjet
1 cleaner refill for our swiffer wetjet
2 packs of dryer sheets
3 laundry detergents
3 packs of clorox wipes
3  packs of dish detergents (20 count)
2 secret deodorants (for me)
6 Old Spice Deodorants (my hubby's)
4 hand soaps
4 air fresheners
8 bottles of woman's body wash
2 bottles of old spice men's body wash
4 bottles of conditioner
1 bottle of shampoo
1 bottle of men's shampoo & conditioner
3 opened face masks
6 various hair-care products
2 unopened biore face cleansers
8 bottles of women's shaving cream
2 edge men's shaving cream
17 unopened packages of women's razors
9 boxes of 40 count tampons
6+ boxes of 18-20 count tampons
6 packages of 20 count carefree liners

Since I have amassed a stockpile of products we will use these items and switch to greener choices as we run out. I am both looking forward to running out (so I can switch over) and dreading having to actually purchase these items again! My next stockpile will be full of green items and choices so look for that in the future... possibly the far future since these items should last me a while!

So far I have bought reusable shopping bags, Ology toilet paper, and reusable/recyclable water bottles (stainless steel), and a reusable recyclable travel mug made from recycled materials. I'm anticipating needing to purchase shampoo for both me and my husband, cleaning materials, razors for my hubby. If anyone has good recommendations let me know!