Friday, May 22, 2015

Why G.U.D is not so good: Product Review


As you all know I'm finally pregnant and this time it looks like a sticky bean =) I'm super excited and already an overprotective mama! I have long wanted to clear my house of excess chemicals, and now that I'm expecting it is even more of a priority. Anything you put on your body: lotions, body wash, makeup, etc is absorbed through your skin. Being pregnant these products can also reach my baby so I am trying to switch to products that don't have harmful chemicals. is a cosmetics/personal product database I use that rates products on safety!

I like Burts Bees and have always thought they were a good company focused on providing more natural products with less harmful chemicals; Turns out CLOROX now owns Burts Bees, and it shows from the chemicals in their products! The GUD line is rated moderately harmful on ewg's database, not something I would expect from a Burts Bees line and something that really bothers me since I paid EXTRA for these products.

I bought a few different products from the GUD line: shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Shampoo Review- HATE IT, it leaves my hair feeling like straw. Since it is rated a 5 out of 10 on the harmful scale (1 is best) I might as well just buy Suave Professionals which leaves my hair feeling silky and is 1/2 the price and rated the same!

Conditioner Review- Don't like it. I used this WITH the Shampoo and it couldn't revive my hair from straw to silky. Not worth it.

Body Wash- I got the vanilla body wash and the pink colored one and liked both. They smelled good and were body washes. Having done my research and finding out that they too are rated 5/10 which means moderately harmful I won't be buying them again!

Overall looking at the database I don't think I will buy many Burts Bees products in the future, and
ANY GUD products. The only product from Burts Bees I'm anxious to try, or rather for my husband to try, is the mens bodywash. Their mens body wash is rated 1/10 meaning it is highly safe containing no chemicals that have been linked to harmful effects!

Instead of Burts Bees I would recommend 7th Generation. They are rated much better on the database and a similarly priced. If your going natural you could always look for artisan soaps too, like goat soap etc! With me being pregnant I'm definitely paying attention to what I'm putting on my body since it will be absorbed and some will reach the baby!