Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pregnant RIGHT after a miscarriage


Two months ago we got exciting news, after two years of trying we were finally pregnant again. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage at about seven weeks and since then we hadn't been able to conceive. After a few trips to both our doctor and a fertility specialist, who refused to do more than basic testing since we were young and it had ONLY been two years, we were elated to see those two pink lines. If you hadn't guessed from the title, this pregnancy didn't end well.

Right before we left for my husband's work trip I found out we were expecting. We were both happy of course, despite me being sick. I only knew I was pregnant for about a week when we lost the pregnancy. We had already seen my dr. to get a referral to an ob (needed by insurance) so we could schedule our first apt around 8-10 weeks. He had assured me I was worrying to much about this pregnancy and that at least we know we can conceive, the first miscarriage was probably just a fluke...

A trip to the er, some blood work that showed hcg around 1,000, and an ultrasound that showed nothing later, they said very little to me. The ER Dr. just told me to not lose hope and that I should check up with my regular Dr. to have hcg work done to check the levels and then proscribed an antibiotic. I miscarried at home and never bothered to pick up the antibiotics nor visit my doctor to be told what I already knew, I had lost the baby.

Miscarriage can mess up your cycle, having already been through one I know that; however when my period was just a little to late and I was feeling really exhausted all the time I decided to check anyway. The first pregnancy test came back with a really really light pink line and then the control. Pink means your pregnant, but I always like a second test when I have a light pink just so I know it isn't my mind playing tricks with an evap line. The second test came back MUCH darker, so we are pregnant!

I recently went back to the dr. I think I am around 6.5 weeks right now, so there is a ways to go until we can breathe easy. The visit went about the same as the first one only he didn't insist on a pee test, I insisted on a UTI test (negative, but dang I have to pee alot!), and we both agreed on HCG which should tell us something about the pregnancy. In healthy normal pregnancies the levels should double every 2-3 days, if mine are going up really slowly or not going up than we know there could be or is a problem. If mine are doubling it is a good sign, although by no means does it make us safe from miscarrying again. They drew my blood tuesday for the hcg and I'm going back tomorrow, then should hear back either tomorrow night or saturday morning. Assuming it is good news and the pregnancy sticks than in a couple weeks we should have an ultrasound and see a heartbeat, meaning this time we are pretty safe!