Saturday, April 18, 2015

Burlington For Pets


This entry has been on my mind for sometime, about three weeks to be exact! Every so often my mom and I get together to do our shopping. We don't do all of our shopping together, in fact in general I like to do my grocery shopping midweek when everyone is at work and the foods get marked down; but we will shop for just about anything together!

Three weeks ago we went shopping and our trip took us to Burlington! I have never paid much attention to their pet section, but this time I did. I was amazed by their LOW prices on dog toys, and even more ecstatic to find a clearance section which I shopped in to get percentage off already good prices!

I got:                                                               I paid                       Retail
Zoe Treats x 2 (in different flavors)              $3.96                        $10.58  
Brushes x 3                                                    $3.96                        $12.00
Tennis Ball Toy                                             $1.98                        $6.99
Pink Fox Water-bottle Toy                            $1.98                        $8.99
20 pk veggie rolls (dog chews)                      $2.99                        $16.00
Prudence Dog Treats                                      $1.98                        $7.19   
                                                                       $16.85                       $61.75

Shopping at Burlington I paid about 1/3 of retail prices, and lets face it this stuff is pricey! I jumped when I saw a HUGE bone for my dog for $9.99 rather than $19.99 today (at another store).

I will concede that my dogs do probably get more than some. I buy my dogs some of the best food, Taste Of the Wild, although it is a top tier food it is still reasonably priced at around $43 for a 30lb bag delivered to your house free with amazon prime! My dogs get some kind of dog chew just about everyday, and I buy them new toys fairly often... They have their own chest

That is an older picture of it from an earlier post New Dog Parent Pack, must haves for new dog parents! but in general it stays pretty stocked and gets filled when I come across good deals! When I think they could spread the wealth then we go through it and donate some things they have a lot of to the local animal shelter, not that the person at the front desk ever says thanks, but I do like that things my dogs no longer play with, didn't like, etc can make another animal happy =)

The point of this post is if you have a spoiled pooch but like your money than look at Burlington for their toys and treats! Point #2 if your dogs "treasure chest" looks like the one in the above picture and you don't have a LOT of dogs, consider donating some items to make another animal happy!