Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ultrasound, First Dr's Visit, etc


This has been a very exciting and stressful week: We had our first appointment with my OB, we got some potentially horrible news, and my new mantra is "don't throw up".

Our appointment was pretty great until I met my OB. It started out with an ultrasound, and this time the ultrasound showed a baby with a strong heartbeat! Having been through an ultrasound where you are expecting to see a baby and see nothing, just seeing your baby for the first time... it is pretty amazing!

I followed up the ultrasound with a nurse taking my vitals then met my doctor, real charmer that one. My doctor began the intro by berating me for getting pregnant so soon after a miscarriage, asking why I was on progesterone, and acting like I was dumb for counting my last miscarriage as my last period (despite the fact that is how many, including my other doctor, advise women to count when they are pregnant RIGHT after a miscarriage). This is also when we got some potentially very bad news, they found an unidentified mass on the ultrasound and don't know what it is.

Last night I was reading an article about Teen Mom and how Maci doesn't want Farrah back on the show because she did porn and she doesn't want her son on the same show as a porn star. My first reaction was to be kinda dumbfounded, I mean Bentley has been on the same show as Amber who was abusive and using drugs. I just don't understand how being an adult and consenting to have sex and tape it for money is as bad as abuse and drug use? Doesn't equate for me! That discussion had a lot of people talking about how Farrah doesn't DESERVE to be on a reality tv show, which again had me question do any of them? They are on there for getting knocked up as teenagers, and 2/4 have had a second child out of wedlock; I'm not religious but I do believe children deserve a stable home, which marriage can be a foundation for.

Thinking about Teen Mom made me think about other reality shows featuring pregnant women. I have heard of "I didn't know I was Pregnant", now they are casting a show for women who got pregnant overseas and are looking for their baby daddies. I'm surprised and disappointed that there are no shows for people like me, or just people who are responsible about their pregnancies. Maybe shows featuring pregnant women who actually are worried about their babies won't make good tv? Maybe nobody wants to watch a show that talks about women's struggles conceiving and carrying? I don't understand why there isn't a show, especially when so many of us deal with problems conceiving or within our pregnancies!