Saturday, November 2, 2013

Clinical Works Mineral Bath Soak Eucalyptus Mint


I rarely take baths. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't bathe, I'm just more of a shower girl. When I do take baths I like something extra, whether its bubble bath, candles, bath bombs, or bath soaks. In my current rented bathroom the options are limited. I don't have the beautiful garden tub I'd like... in fact my tub is part of my shower which isn't my ideal bathroom layout at all! Having a mixed shower/tub pretty much nixed candles, which leaves the other options. 

While the dollar store isn't my favorite store I can't complain about the price of just about anything in there, yes something aren't worth a dollar... but those things probably aren't worth buying at all. One thing I found in there that is more than worth a dollar were these Clinical Works Bath Soaks. I personally have tried and am out of the Body Relaxing Eucalyptus Mint. I use 1/3 to 1/4 the container every bath. 

The Clinical Works is 98% naturally derived. While that is the only eco statement I can make I would bet its still better than several other options on the market. The container is also both reusable and recyclable. I personally loved the scent and found it relaxing and aesthetically I like the look of the container and especially the product. Obviously the price is a highlight too at only $1 per container.

I decided to review this when recycling the container because until I find a better environmentally friendlier alternative this will be the only bath salts in my house. Can't argue with the price or results, especially since it makes my skin smoother after a bath =) I also think its a great stocking stuffer for Christmas, especially when put in more decorative glass containers.