Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tent City USA


Many of you are wondering about the title right now. Tent City is a documentary on Netflix about well Tent City, a community of homeless that was created in Nashville, TN. I would recommend to everyone to watch the documentary. We have so many homeless in our community and to me this is the answer!

  • Tent City was a purposeful community
  • The residence of tent city helped each other
  • The community was safe
  • There was little to no crime
  • There were rules to live in the community e.g. no drugs and no fighting
  • The homeless were banding together trying to build a better future
Ultimately I can't imagine being homeless. How scared would you be? Sleeping on the streets, and in tents? Communities of homeless like this would actually serve to protect the homeless and help them. Community is a great thing, and really we don't NEED money. Look at Amish communities, they are largely self sufficient. If our homeless got together and formed communities they could also become more sufficient. Rather than have a homeless epidemic we could give them land to form a community like Tent City and allow them to build structures, grow vegetables and fruit, and do their part to improve their situation! 

Homeless people aren't wanted. It's sad but its true, watch the documentary. The town of Antioch including a PREACHER all protested their very being there! Can you imagine a whole town protesting you simply being there? Giving the homeless a place where they can feel safe and build a community is a great answer!