Monday, November 18, 2013

Conscious Box Review


Well my conscious box finally arrived today, and if you don't know what that is you can refer back to my earlier blog post which includes a free coupon code for it. The box is smaller than I expected but done really cute, a box inside a box then tissue paper over the product (as shown below).

Obviously for a box that size your not getting a lot. I had read that mostly you would get samples then you would get one or two normal size products. I didn't get any normal size products. What came in Novembers box was

  • IMG_9089.jpg
  • Relax-All sample (2 pills inside)
  • Herbal M Zap (2)
  • Reboot sample (drink to combat oxidative stress)
  • MRM Veggie Protein diet supplement bar
  • Raw Milk Cow Cheese sample
  • Smarty Pants sample (6 gummies= 2 days)
  • Sunology natural sunscreen sample
  • Goddes Garden Organics SPF lotion sample
  • Better Botanicals Apricot Eye Therapy Sample
  • Mighty Leaf Organic Tea (3 pouches different flavors)
  • Wholesome Sweetners (various packets probable 10+) 
Ultimately I'm not impressed with the selection because I was hoping for more products than foods and supplements. I am not super brave with my food choices, I will try new foods but I prefer to introduce new foods slower, as in not 8 new flavors in two days. 

I also don't find this to be cost effective for me. The items provided in the box are not items I would regularly purchase if at all. The point of the box is to introduce you to new products that are environmentally friendly, however I paid around $8 in shipping and the only items in the box I could see myself purchasing are the wholesome sweeteners and sunscreen. I also think most of these samples could have been obtained free and different health or eco stores. 

Bottom line, if I think I paid to much and I just covered shipping with my free coupon code I can't recommend you SUBSCRIBE to this service. 

If you have tried this or another subscriber service I would love to know your thoughts. I will also try to review some of the products from the box.