Thursday, September 12, 2013

Time Management


Some people say that money is the greatest commodity, but its not. Time is our greatest commodity and we can never get it back. You will never be 20 again, 8, or 15. We have this one life, and none of us truly know whats next, although you may have faith.

Lately with college, work, homework, keeping up the house, and taking care of our dogs I feel like I'm doing a juggling act. There is always something given up to get something. Generally what's gained isn't even worth what I give up. Taking on a lot leaves me exhausted and when I come home all I want to do is relax or sleep. What I'm missing is time management and true relaxation!

I manage my time best when I use a daily planner and budget it like my money! I am more productive and happy at the end of the day! With no structure, I will easily veg in front of the t.v. feeling tired all day. On structured days I clean my house, exercise, walk the dogs, and cook! What works best for me is a daily planner with increments broken up into thirty minute time slots! 

In a particularly boring college class the other day I was freewriting. What I came up with is a page full of things I like to do, want to do, or want; for example: I want a clean house, I want a nice body and to be healthy, I love to dance, I love to sing, I want to take piano lessons. My page is full of things that I enjoy that I want in my life. Now its time to make them a reality. 

Everyday our to do list should contain not just what we need to do, but what we want to do! Everything in moderation right? Days wasted in front of a video game or tele, that's not living! Living is doing those things you enjoy! There is nothing wrong with watching some Teen Mom or whatever your favorite show is, but lets face it some of us watch tv way to much, and we aren't happier for it!

Make a list of things you love to do, want to try, or like having done. (I don't love cleaning, but its relaxing and I love having a clean house!) Once you have a list add at least one item from it on to your daily to do list, and don't ever stop adding to your list or dreaming! We all should do what makes us happy, after all time is the most important thing and we should treasure it and spend it wisely...

                                   Someone who hopes you love reading this                                              blog as much as she likes writing it!