Monday, September 30, 2013

Dog Supplies On Seasonal Clearances, Say What!?


I just got back from celebrating my first year anniversary with my husband in San Angelo, Texas. My husband is in the military and he is currently at his technical training location, so we have been separated for months. Along with being separated from me, he is also separated from his puppy. To keep him involved with his dog we always go shopping and buy the dogs treats, chew toys, or toys when I go up to visit.

I, personally, am not a fan of Petsmart. In my experience they are more expensive then Petco, and they carry grocery store dog foods not the higher quality ones that are available at Petco. Since we were on foot for the weekend we first went to Petsmart as it was closest to our hotel. We didn't find anything at Petsmart although I noticed they were having sales on live animals... kind of sad actually.

After touring Petsmart we moved on and went to Petco a couple of blocks away. Petco is having CLEARANCES, music to my ears! I saw a variety of dog supplies on clearance, treats, chew toys, toys, clothes, vitamins, hygiene supplies, anxiety and behavioral aids, and even puppy milk! While not every item was on clearance there was a clearance option in every isle if not several!

Due to space constraints (flying, not driving so it had to fit in my bag), I only bought 11 items. I personally picked up:

  • Newmans Own Organic Dog Treats Salmon/Sweet Potatoe $1.98 reg $7.99
  • Newmans Own Organic Dog Treats Lamb $2.18 reg $8.99
  • Petco Rawhide Strips 16 oz Mint $5.98 reg $11.99
  • Petco 8oz Beef Rawhide $3.48 reg $6.99
  • (6) Nutrident Complete small Dental Chews .28 reg $1.29 
  • Nylabone Romp'n Chomp Treat Chew Toy $2.98 reg $11.99
-I spent $19.79 on my purchases, I could have easily spent that much on just the rawhide strips! I saved $37.41 with the clearance pricing! 

I was SHOCKED by the fact that dog supplies goes on seasonal clearances; as my neighbor said "Dogs are year round!" If the stores want to put seasons on treats and toys however I think you should follow Fido's lead (left) and make out like a bandit! Quality pet treats and food add up, so stock up on Newmans or Nutro Organic treats now! 

*Pictures are not my personal photography and I claim no rights to them.