Wednesday, September 11, 2013

'The Business of Being Born' Review


Netflix used to be my go to for enlightening or at least inspiring documentaries. Unfortunately Netflix has gotten rid of most of my favorite documentaries; one they still have (for the moment at least) is 'The Business of Being Born'. I have probably seen this documentary three times now, as I'm currently watching it.

If your pregnant, or even want children in the future this is just one of the must see documentaries. For me, the topic of children and pregnancies brings up MANY questions. I don't assume that just because something is the status quo means its the correct way of doing things. This documentary questions the status quo concerning child birth.

Is the standard in the US the best way? Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein and many people around the world would say no. I am one of them. Having been pregnant twice, both miscarriages, I did my homework and I am 100% home birth/natural birth.

This documentary covers maternity and fetal loss around the world, and guess what US isn't the safest place to give birth... In fact this documentary gives many statistics, many of them appear on a white screen so you can read them, others are stated by licensed professionals.

Whether you agree with the documentary or not, I would say it is a must see. I am of the opinion that if your going to be a mother you should do everything you can to prepare yourselves and find out as much as you can about labor, pregnancy, babies, development, all of it!