Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tom Of Maine's Deoderant Review

March 6 2013,

As the title of the post says I am doing a review of Tom Of Maine's antiperspirant deodorant natural dry natural powder. I want to start off by discussing the line. Tom Of Maine's web sight has a lot of information about their practices, ingredients, and contributions to the community. I scanned the sight and found all the information I wanted quickly. The first four tabs: Our Products, Our Company, Good Science, and Giving Back have a vast amount of information about the company and its products.

Despite the very positive vibes I was getting from the web sight which is made to please consumers I am not so happy with reviews posted on their sight under the product that I am reviewing. "I am a Holistic Physician. I am outraged. Alumimun is toxic and this product is a lie. Who are they kidding? "Natural" because it comes from Bauxite-Alunimun ore?? Arsenic is also "Natural" and can be found in toxic amounts in some groundwater. Tom's was once a high integrity natural company but was bought out by a corporation. That means profit before the safety of consumers. Caveat emptor. -Doctor Ken".

While other reviewers claimed that aluminum is perfectly fine for your health the ewg, environmental working group, has some concerns. They list aluminum as a moderate hazard that doesn't have enough data available, meaning that there hasn't been research as to how aluminum in our personal care products affects our health.
Despite the fact that aluminum is used in some of their products I still approve of the line because it is still a vast improvement to many popular brand names.

IMG_5091.jpgNow, for the review. I cannot in good faith recommend this product despite my positive feelings for the company. I have used this deodorant for three or four days and it hasn't gotten any better. This deodorant has a sticky texture when applying and makes my underarms feel wet rather than keeping them from feeling wet. A big reason we use deodorant is for odor control. I don't always use it nor do I need it most days but since using this deodorant it has caused an odor rather than preventing one. The combination of my sweat, which is very light, and the smell of the deodorant is not pleasant. In fact its much worse then the smell of my sweat. Other reviews mentioned the same thing. Some reviewers also mentioned a rash, itchiness, wetness, and deodorant marks. I have experienced some itchiness.

The only positive that I can think of is the scent and the brand. It has a very good scent despite the scent not being listed on the label. The brand donates 10% of all profits to help people and the environment, that is huge especially for a company to do.

I do NOT recommend this product but after reading reviews on other Tom of Maine's products then I hope I can find one that comes highly recommended to buy. This might have been on sale but it was not at all a good buy, I doubt I will be using it another week before trashing it.