Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March shopping trip

March 4, 2013

Hello dear subscribers/readers,

I have made two lucrative store trips in the past two days accompanied by my mother and my dear sweet six month old house guest. Ruby is having plenty of adventure with me while her mommy and daddy and older brother are at a funeral.

Since I have the little delight/nightmare for 4 days and am somewhat sleep deprived I decided now is as good of time as any to catch up with my mom who loves babies. So we went out to eat despite her being on this diet (which has helped my mom lose ALOT of weight, like a lb a day). Since I'm a fan of Walgreens I also like to stay on top of their weekly ads and I found out that they had a buy one get one free sale on their Organix products. When I went in the store not all of the products were marked BOGO so I stuck to those that were. My mom who is in love with the line bought 4 sets of shampoo and conditioner or 8 products. I am also a fan after using the shampoo for the last 4 days and I bought 6 Organix products: 3 shampoo's, 2 conditioners, and a heat protector spray for my flat iron. I paid $24 for the 6 items so they were $4 each with the sale, they are regularly $8 but we got them for $5 our first time purchasing the line. In addition to getting the sale we came for we found clearance at the end of two isles. Marked down for clearance was eco brand "Say Yes to Carrots" face mask which I picked up for only $3.74.

With my husband leaving for his military training for 8-9 months in a month in a half I am in the market for a new rental with a yard for our dogs. Ruby and I called my mom up to go with us to look at one and wouldn't you know it Big Lots was on our way. Naturally we stopped in, for one I was out of doggy rawhide and they sell it for $6 whereas we have to pay $12 to $20 at other stores. At big lots I bought the rawhide and I found physicians formula organic bronzer, and oatrevolution? Raw organic oatmeal. Everything I have bought will of course later be reviewed which is one of the reason I share shopping trips where I pick up eco friendly products with ya'll, the other reason being I like to share prices to let people know that you can get better products on a budget. The oatmeal I bought was $1 for a 5 pack and the bronzer was a sweet $4.50.
Oh I almost forgot a product that I have never seen before that I picked up: GeoDeo, an environmentally friendly deoderant that was $2.30?

You will hear more about all of these products in later reviews =) Sadly as usual I didn't have reusable bags so I got the plastic alternative which I will be reusing or recycling still is not good for the environment but better than using the bags then tossing them. How do you remember your reusable bags? What if its an unplanned store trip? I've thought about keeping them in my car but then when I use them they make there way into my house, I guess I'll have to make it a habit to take them back out immediately after putting the groceries away.