Monday, February 29, 2016

Kroger Haul 02/25/16

As you all know, I do Kroger Hauls ALL the time. This is another haul I'm super excited about FULL of managers specials.

 I didn't take pictures of my entire haul, because having a newborn I'm usually taking care of her while my husband puts the groceries away (not on the counter tops for a quick pic). The image above is actually of my BEST deals, and those that wouldn't fit in the cupboards LOL.

I got:
31 BIG cans of Pumpkin for    .39 
6 Heinz Gravy Jars                .19   
10 BIG cans of Yams              .29
2 Dole squezable fruit packs 1.39   (had an ecoupon so one of these was just .39)
2 Cans of Cranberries            .29
2 Jiff Whips PB & Choc       1.59
4 Thomas English Muffins   bogo
3 Bag of Red Potatoes          .49
Milk                                   FREE          (with purchase of cereals shown)
Organic Choc Milk              1.99

These are just the best deals we got, in total my purchases came to $115.56. I am super stocked about my purchases since the cans of pumpkin alone retail for $120! I got the pumpkin for 90% off, I was excited to find little cans for .69 before so now we have LOTS of pumpkin. 

The funny thing about the pumpkin is that I actually don't like pumpkin, I used to only buy it for the dogs (it was recommended by my vet to help my little dog lose weight/maintain a healthy weight) and now I'm also buying it for my little pumpkin.... think of all the money I'll save on baby food! I can't wait to feed my little one pumpkin both by itself and mixed with other fruits/veggies/spices! 

Of the purchases the Gravy and some of the pumpkin are for the dogs. Some of the Pumpkin, the yams, and cranberries are all for my baby girl! I have been planning on making homemade baby food and pumpkin and yams are great for that! The Dole sqeezables can also be for her since they aren't expiring before she will start trying solid foods!

I should also point out these cans don't expire til next year... so apparently late February is the time to start buying Thanksgiving/Christmas foods!