Sunday, February 21, 2016

Guide to Cloth Diapering on a budget

I've heard from a few people how they want to cloth diaper, but the upfront cost is just too much for them. It doesn't have to be. I wanted to share some tips and things I've learned about saving money on cloth.

Nayeli's Tips for Saving $$$ on Cloth

#1 Ebay- I got a great deal on a lot of new Kawaii diapers, which retail for $12 each, on ebay. I paid around $6 a diaper by buying them in a lot of 12 and they each come with 2 super thick inserts!!
#2 Local Facebook Groups- I found a facebook group in my area dedicated to cloth diapers and on there I bought 2 brand new bum genius diapers for $7 each (pictured right), retail is $17/each. I also found a lady selling her extra Kawaii inserts for only .50 each! I'm still trying to meet up with her!
#3 Cloth Diaper Co-ops- these groups get people to pool money to make a bulk purchase in order for each person to save money. I personally haven't used one because it is kinda a hassle but I've heard good things and it IS a way to save.
#4 Yard Sales- my mom found bum genius in good condition for $5/each at one!
#5 Dirt Cheap- I got a brand new bum genius here for $1! That is $16 off! Last time I was in they had a lot of 6 Charlie Bananas for around $70, which is $40 off the lowest price I could find for that pack.
#6 Cloth Diaper Covers- Covers are a cheap yet still easy option. They can be reused as long as the poop/pee doesn't get on the cover, which means with these you need less covers and more inserts.