Sunday, February 21, 2016

Grocery Haul 02/17/2016

Hey everyone,
I know it has been a while since I did a grocery haul post, but my last grocery shopping trip I got some great deals (partially pictured) that I have been dying to share with you!

I went to a Kroger I don't shop at normally on Thursday, my new shopping day, and apparently that is this Kroger's day for meat markdowns because their clearance section was filled. I personally don't like/eat pork but there was lots of pork, a package or two of ribeye, my meats that I use for fajitas, hamburgers, neck bones, ground beef, and chicken all on markdown.

To the left you can see part of my haul. I got 3 packages of top round steak for $3.74/lb, ground beef for $2 and $2.99 (one was more lean than the other), and organic hamburger patties for $2.

When I got home and viewed my haul and decided I wanted to blog about it I started thinking and was kicking myself for not JUST buying the hamburger patties instead of the ground beef. The hamburger patties were 1 lb packages of ORGANIC ground beef, who cares that they were shaped into a patty? They weren't flavored or anything, so I could have gotten better meat for cheaper and/or the same price. Lesson learned: think outside the box, or in this case marketing/label.

Meat wasn't the only thing I managed to scoop up on clearance, out of the 26 items I bought 22 were clearance deals I found in the store.

I also got on managers special:
Skye organic protein Smoothies .99 (4)
Shredded Carrots .69
Baby Bella's        1.49
Organic Spinach 3.00
Canned Pumpkin .69  (3)
Organic Eggs       .99
Libby Pumpkin    .49
Simple Truth Organic PB $1.99 (2)
Bag of Apples     .99  (2)

The only products I paid full price for this trip was lunch meat, bananas, and yogurt. I also picked up some simple truth toilet paper but I got that on sale and had an ecoupon for it on my kroger card making it like 2/3 to 1/2 the normal price.

My total for this shopping trip was $62.73 and I have enough meat to last me 3 weeks to a month!