Friday, October 23, 2015

Week 5: $80 Grocery Haul


This week we went about $30 over budget, spending around $80 rather than the usual $50. I was lucky enough to have come across several manager's special this week. Here is part of my haul:

My favorite manager special finds of the week:
3 pack of bell peppers (I'm not sure HOW many I got) (.99)
Lettuce (.99)
2 Packs of Apples (one is all organic) (.99)
Organic Milk (2.69 and 1.99)
Yogurt packs (.10)
Beef Steak       ($2.30)
Pack of 3 cucumbers (.99)

Of everything that was bought on manager's special I've already prepped most of it. I've cut up and froze the bell peppers, put one milk in the freezer, and turned the apples into apple chips. Two of the yogurt packs were given to my dogs as treats.

Other than the managers specials I was also happy to find other items: Kroger frozen vegetables ($1/pack), spaghetti sauce $1, frozen pizza $1. Buying the Kroger brand frozen vegetables rather than the birds eye saved me $1.50 per pack, and since they are just frozen veggies I can't see why the brand would matter!

I did go over budget this week but I'm happy to have stocked up on several items. Colored bell peppers are usually $1.25 each, and I do NOT like the pre frozen mixed packs.

Next week I'm going to TRY to only spend $20-25 to make up for going over this week. I really don't think we NEED anything but I like to go weekly to get the good managers specials.

This week's feature is a vlog rather than a blog: It is a grocery haul of the .99 cents only store, a store I really wish we had here. There people get FRESH produce for only .99 and I see them find organics and all kinds of other things there too! If you have a local .99 only store them drop in!