Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 4: $50 Grocery Haul


I made it a whole month doing $50/week grocery hauls and my total for the month was right around $206. I'm pretty pleased that I was only $6 over budget, although it isn't as impressive as if I had been say UNDER budget!

This week I spent right around $58 on groceries, give a dollar or two. I am estimating this weeks because we got groceries at a few different stores. The bulk of my groceries came from Kroger and Dollar General. Here is my haul:

(The banana's and bread seen in the background are NOT part of the haul, that is just where they go)

As you can see there are a few manager's specials in my haul, but unfortunately not many. The only manager's specials I found this week were organic romaine hearts, girl scout candy bars, simple truth organic free range eggs, and round beef steak. 23/26 of the items I bought at Kroger were either on sale or manager's special, so still not bad. My Kroger is re-configuring their layout and there was a holiday on Monday, both which I'm thinking contributed to the low number of markdowns this week.

Other than Kroger I also shopped at Dollar General, because I was SUPPOSED to get $2 off $10 with an e-coupon... didn't work and I'm not very happy about it! I did get all my Ragu's there for $1.50 each (they were $2 at Kroger). I also picked Jif Peanut Butter, cocoa, marshmellows, and flour. Hubby picked up milk from here the night before.

The last place we shopped at was Big Lots. We actually ran in here for cubes for a cube organizer for the nursery (the have more options then other stores at good prices). Here I picked up some suddenlypasta at $1.25 each, and some GMO free coconut oil for only $4! WIN!

This week I did TRY to use e-coupons at both Kroger and Dollar General. Dollar General didn't give me the $2 off even though I used it on the right day and had over $10 pre-tax, Kroger did apply mine but I only had 2 that were relevant to my purchases... needless to say, I'm not a heavy coupon user!

This weeks featured grocery haul is Sarah Jean, she spent just $60 on her super healthy haul (pictured below) and she estimates it will last her 2 weeks!