Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dirt Cheap (the store) Review


About a month ago a new store opened up in my area called Dirt Cheap. They promise HUGE discounts on new merchandise, some of this merchandise includes returns but the premise is it is all new items!

I have been to this store 3-4 times since it has opened. I wanted to go back a few times to make sure my post wasn't a rush to judgement, and I'm glad I did. My first trip to Dirt Cheap was just running in for a minute while my husband waited in the car, to scout it out... I bought nothing! My second trip when I went with my mom was my first REAL trip.

My second trip to Dirt Cheap I managed to spend OVER $130! Looking back on that spending I have to say it seems excessive for what I remembered I bought, and the prices associated with those items. The three images below show the items and to the side I have recorded the amount those items costed in the store.

2 Nursing Bra's (Target) $5/ea
3 Bra's $5/ea
2 Shirts $8/ea
Dress $12 (later found out it had a broken strap =/ )

Baby Clothes $1/ea
Humidifier $7

Total of pictured items: $77

Other than the items pictured I remember getting some laundry soap, brand new AE shorts for my hubby (with tags), new dress shirt for hubby, shorts for hubby, Method and Honest Company Brands, and some plastic totes with lids (3.49/ea).

For everything I bought $130 is NOT a bad price. I would estimate if I paid retail for these items my total out of pocket would have been around $360, even shopping sales I'd be hard pressed to find NEW baby clothes for $1/ea! The problems I had with this haul were a messed up strap on my dress and one of my baby shirts had a cut in it and was completely ruined! I have to admit sticker shock at finding out just how much I spent, it was all good prices but those DO add up!

I made one trip in the store where I bought baby pants for .50, and that is ALL I bought.

The next trip I made in the store resulted in 0 items purchased, my husband was going to purchase a fishing pole but noticed it was broken.

My last trip to the store actually resulted in some items purchased, for me and my mom. I paid the bill for everything there and it came to $30. The picture to the side is what I bought. I'm sorry it isn't the best picture.
I bought:
Maternity Dress (S)
Maternity Shirt (S)
Maternity Dress Pants (M)
Yoga Capri's (M)

Everything I got was about $4/ea! The sizes on the maternity are smaller than I would have liked so they might not fit throughout my entire pregnancy but I can probably resell them for the entire purchase price, or wear them post baby. The Yoga Capri's are actually another Target item. I have the EXACT pair that I purchased there a couple months ago, and they are super comfy!

Overall I like Dirt Cheap on occasion, but they don't restock often enough to warrant frequent trips there. They do send out text alerts as to when they are getting a new shipment and what is included, but I worried they would skip over baby items so went back frequently. Since the first trip I haven't seen anymore $1 baby clothes in a bin, which was the thing I was most excited about it their store. They also had CHEAP baby furniture, like $30 for a changing table... but often the furniture would be missing a piece (like a railing) or scratched.

Word of caution: Sometimes their price "before discount" is hiked up to higher than the actual retail price of the item. Last trip I saw Target's Threshold 6 cube organizers there, these retail for $59.99 at Target. The price they had on them after a 40% discount the price would be $48, or $12 cheaper... definitely not an accurate depiction of savings! If the item has the ORIGINAL tags from the ORIGINAL retailer than the savings depicted is accurate, but from the Target example it is clear they sometimes add a tag of their own to mislead customers into thinking they are saving more.