Sunday, March 9, 2014

How Much House Do You Need?


Buying a new house, one of the first questions out of peoples mouth is "how many sq. ft. is it?". For us, the answer is 1523 sq ft, plus a sunroom and a garage that aren't counted in the sq. footage. Many have people have commented how small or even tiny our house is, but to us its the biggest house we have lived in since we moved out of our parents.

Our house consists of three bedrooms, a master bathroom and hallway bathroom, two hall closets, a large living area, a midsize kitchen with umpteen cabinets, a coat closet, a laundry room, a garage, and a sunroom. To us it is by no means tiny.

Our household consists of two adults, two dogs, two ducks, two rabbits, and 5 quail. 7 of the animals were added yesterday!

The ducks, rabbits and quail are currently making their homes in the garage. The fence guys are out today finishing our privacy fence and then I need to make the duck coop, quail hutch, and possibly a rabbit hutch. For these guys we plan on them being housed in the backyard, or sunroom or garage if necassary. There is plenty of space in the garage since only my car will be placed in there, but the sunroom shouldn't get as hot...

Our indoor population consists of my husband, me, and our two dogs... who we are also wanting to spend more time outdoors, and also making dog houses for!

We have lived here two weeks and we have one room we never use, PLENTY of EMPTY cabinets/hall closets, and an entire half of the living area which is room size that isn't used. For us this is plenty of space for now. We use one of the bedrooms as an extra living/computer room. Our sunroom is also empty!

I recently posed the question to another blogger, Ashley from DomesticImperfection. Ashley has two adorable boys and a 1650 sq ft. house. You can read her blog on the subject here

This picture shows how much the average home size for a family of four has grown. I am probably more of a minimalist, don't get me wrong I like shopping as much as the next girl... but I also love purging. Ashley wrote another blog recently about spring cleaning, or getting rid of unused clutter. I'm huge on that. I wonder if the increasing size of homes isn't due to items rather than people. As much as I love my privacy I also wonder if creating so much space for individuals and to get away from each other would be good for family bonds or not.

Anyway, these are my thoughts on the subject. I would love feedback from my readers. What is your ideal house size?