Thursday, March 6, 2014

DIY bathroom basket


Allow me to start this post by begging you, please PLEASE, try to avoid the hideous wallpaper in the background. I know its distracting but the focus here is on the basket.
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I first came up with the idea of a basket on the toilet when I came across one at a yard sale. I thought it would look nice with some potpourri in it and then considered where to place it. Potpourri eventually will loose its scent but mine lasted months, it should last especially long and fill the room with scent if you keep the door closed. For some of you I realize it isn't practical to keep the door closed between children and guests (after all you want people to know the bathroom is free for use), however if it is then trust me the smell will fill more of your bathroom if the door is shut!

The candle isn't just for looks. Obviously this is placed in a bathroom, nuff said! I don't want to discuss details I find revolting, nor do I want to smell them.... please use the candle ;)

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The total cost for this? $3!

Potpourri $1 (dollar store, kroger, anywhere)
Wicker basket $1 (Family Dollar)
Candle $1 (Kroger)