Friday, August 2, 2013

My latest failed grocery adventure


So I was all ready to brag about how well I did on my latest grocery trip. In fact at the stores I actually thought I was doing pretty well... then I came home and started putting stuff away! "Wait is this really all I got after spending $100"? It was, and as I went to blog about my brave new choices and great finds I realized that I did even worse then I thought in terms of healthy and eco friendly options as well. You see out of that $100 only about $21 of it was used on what I would consider eco friendly products. Still not to bad if you think of it in terms of dollars, because I'm putting 21% of my grocery budget towards environmentally friendly products however that's also the percentage of environmentally friendly items I wound up with in my house and lets face it its not enough! Yes its a step forward but 4/5 of the items I'm buying are still not as good for the planet!

Of the good choices I did make I picked up some Seventh Generation body wash, that had a buy one get one free coupon attached making them $4.00 each. I also picked up some vinegar both white and apple cider for its many uses around the house! I love using the white for steam cleaning my carpets!  At the Commissary I was more daring in trying some new products like Jones All Natural Turkey Sausage (only $1), and Van's Organic blueberry waffles ($2.19)! Since I do still use paper towels occasionally for cleaning I also needed to pick up some of those so I got a 2 pack of Marcel 100% recycled content paper towels for just $2. Other than that I bought some organic produce!

This shopping trip was a fail in many ways. First off I blew my budget for the month. I budget $134 a month for groceries (including hygiene and cleaning supplies) for myself. Since I live alone while my husbands in tech school its just the $134. That means, yes you can do the math... I have approximately $34 to last me the rest of the month. $42 if I take $8 from the dog budget for the items I bought them while grocery shopping. I have $14 a week, and I didn't really buy dinner foods.

Beyond blowing my budget when I was looking over my receipts I also realized that I bought more junk food then I meant to. There are new thin mint girl scount limited time candy bars that I just had to buy 2 of, and then ding dongs cause I haven't had one of them in ages, and then dark chocolate pudding that was on clearance (who could pass up that deal?), my favorite drink was on sale 2/$4 and its normally $2.89 each! You know I rarely buy myself these yummy pocky sticks, oh and I haven't had Nesquik chocolate milk mix in years! Yeah, WAYY to much!

I did get other healthier options, it wasn't a total bust but its try try again right!? It's time for me to learn to cook more than just baked fish! I was up last night reading blogs and scouring the internet for the average grocery budget for one person and I came across several people who eat on less than my budgeted amount and that eat healthier than I do. They shop sales and shop smart, but beyond that what they all have in common is they cook! Cooking your food at home is almost always more economical and healthier than eating out or buying premade food.

So anyone out there have any cheap easy to make recipes? Shopping tips? Can you help a girl out :)