Friday, August 16, 2013

Big Picture Blog


So I hope all of you subscribe and read all of my blog posts because in addition to reviewing products I usually share a bit in each blog post. I like to hit on the topic of the company and on myself and my goals and how I'm doing. Sure, if this is your first time and you just wound up here doing a google search on a product then I can see why you would be like "who are you and why do I care about you or your blog?" I can get that.

This blog started out being about trying to share with people how to make decisions that are more environmentally friendly. How you and I can make minor changes that will be positive for both ourselves and the planet without being painful to our wallets! It's still about that but I think it can and should be about so much more! Human beings are diverse! While I love the parenting section of Yahoo Shine, I also cross over into Yahoo Finance, Well Being, Love and Sex! We have more than just one interest, in fact in any given day I read somewhere in the ballpark of 10 articles on various subjects!

I've been debating with myself what direction this blog should take since the beginning and I've reached the conclusion that so far I've been limiting it by just focusing on reviews and eco friendly. The environment does matter, don't get me wrong but so does life. Music, Love, Travel, Money, Goals, Career! I feel like I should be able to share anything and everything on here that inspires me and that I feel is worthy of sharing! My goal for this blog has always been first to inspire, and to share my opinions.

I want to inspire people to live a better life. No I'm not preaching! I just think everyone should be happy, and if your not then its time to re examine your life and what makes you happy! I'm not going to lie and say that I'm happy 24/7, I'm away from my husband, at a job that is not my absolute favorite and away from my friends! It's not ideal but I still feel like my life is pretty good, I have a bright future and I've got to put in the time at my job for my resume, I've got to minimize expenses because I want to be a young home owner and be financially secure! I think overall I'm happy and I know several people who can't say that, and that's sad.

There is something to say for eating right and working out. You don't even have to do both but either one seems to make us feel soo much better! I have just been eating better and now I feel like I want to work out! I want to clean my house and keep it in good shape and I want to learn piano and take those classes! Eating healthier has invigorated me and it makes me more productive which is actually a huge mood booster. I think as humans we all feel the need for some purpose or passion.

I'm not where I would like to be but honestly I think I'm getting better everyday and thats refreshing, thats huge! We can't change the past all we can do is look to the future, prepare for it! I'm not going backward, I'm going forward. No one's life is perfect but I think we all need to carve in more me time and do more for ourselves. Cleaning our house does count as does cooking, I mean really do you want to live in a sty? Vegging out in front of a tv all day doesn't help us.

I am dedicating this blog to living, to all my passions and to my life. If your not interested then don't read it but if you are then know that in every review I post there will be more than just a review there will be updates and opinions and a little piece of me!