Friday, August 16, 2013

Amy's Organic Butternut Squash soup review


Life is about experiences and trying new thing, and that includes new foods. As any of you who regularly read my blog know I'm trying to eat healthier. I have actually lost 8 lbs and I wasn't big to begin with! I'm so excited to weigh in at just 117 lbs now! I can contribute all of my weight lost to healthier eating habits since I haven't been getting more exercise or changing other habits!

Butternut Squash is a new food for me! I am not even accustomed to eating squash, in fact I don't think I have ever tried it! However soup is a great low calorie food and the fact that Amy's makes organic soups I was all ready to try them despite the $3/can price tag.... and well now I can say I've had butternut squash and NEVER again! I'm not sure whether its Amy's recipe or just dislike of butternut squash soup in general but I had one bite and spit it out and the soup went down the sink!

Now being a smart consumer I did email Amy's to let them know how horrible I found their soup. I wasn't overly harsh just a nicely written comment to them about how they might consider a new recipe because I found their repugnant! Fortunately for me Amy's cares about my business! Days after writing it I received a coupon for a free Amy's soup in the mail as well as other coupons and a brochure explaining just what they offer!

I like companies who employ good customer service. I didn't get to eat that can of soup because frankly I just couldn't down it, however their tomato bisque is very good and I plan on using the free coupon to get another can of it! Also at just 200? calories for the whole can its definitely keeping me trim!

I like Amy's as a company for another reason! Amy's supports GMO labeling and thier products are free of GMO's! I think we all have the right to know whats in our food and if its natural or genetically modified, I personally prefer natural. That's my preference because I don't believe enough research has been done on the long term effect of GMO's not just in humans but in other species and what the effect will be on the world as an overall! I like that Amy's is keeping it natural, their can's are also BPA free another plus in my book!

So in case you have skipped to the end to avoid reading any part of my blog that you felt was extra fluff or not of interest to you the bottom line is unless you have tried butternut squash soup or at least butternut squash and liked it I wouldn't recommend this soup cause it was dis-gus-ting! That's right sound it out!