Thursday, August 8, 2013

Muir Glen Organic Minestrone Review

Being eco friendly extends to your food choices. Buying locally is one way to cut down on the harmful impact to the environment, another is buying organic! A good rule of thumb is whats good for the earth is good for you!

This soup is a more eco friendly choice, its low calorie, and its good for the soul! This is the perfect sick food! This soup tastes AMAZING, I love it! The soup is suprisingly really low calorie! The soup is only 100 calories per serving and the can has two servings in it. For me I need both servings, however its alright to have both servings because for both servings its still only 200 calories!

I paid under $3.00 for the can and I'm not saying that is cheap but I am saying that this soup is really good! If you go out for lunch a lot then simply take this can instead. It will be cheaper, healthier, and better for your waistline!

Now if you will excuse me, I'm off to pick up some more ;)