Saturday, December 15, 2012



My finals are completely over and now I'm just waiting for my grades to get posted. I did quit my job to focus on school during my first semester but I am really excited to get back to work next semester, I feel confident that I can juggle both! I would love to get the job at Bank of America, but if that doesn't work out then I have other interests and am sure that I will find something that I want to do!

During my break I don't have much to do, so I'm re watching alot of documentaries to put the highlights of them in my blog. I personally believe that many of these documentaries are better off watched than read about, however I know that some people don't have access, time, or the desire to watch a bunch of documentaries so I'm writing the essence of whats in the documentaries in different blog posts. It is beneficial to me to re-watch the documentaries as well. There is only so much you will remember from seeing something once, but with some of our favorite movies we have seen them enough to quote, if we had seen documentaries that many times than we would actually possess some of the knowledge stored within them.

It was a documentary that really got me passionate about change. I've always wanted to have a positive impact, to help save our environment, our animals, and improve our world but I haven't been living in a way that positively affects it. We never know when we are going to die and what if tomorrow never comes?  Then we will never have made that difference. At some point it might be to late so I'm trying to take baby steps now. It's hard to change though, things are habits and as humans I believe we generally resist change. Every one knows recycling is best, its not that hard, yet many people don't do it! It's change and requires conscious thought.

My husband and I talk about something we need to do at least once a week. We need to eat healthier, we need to cut back on soda, we need to take the dogs for two walks a day, etc. etc. Most of the changes we talk about don't get done. When we moved in together and got married we became more dependent on one another. I don't like to get up and get my day started while he is still in bed, so unless I have to for school or whatever else I stay in bed until he gets up. I don't like drinking water while he has a soda, etc. It's always easier to do things with a partner thats on board that will motivate you, but if you don't have that than knowledge and documentaries can help.

There are many sources that can be motivation. Right now I have been slacking severely. My husband and I have been recycling and we are switching over to green products as we run out of the ones we currently have. We did give my mom her Christmas gifts in a reused gift bag that was given to us, and we used newspaper to wrap.

I have been sick for a while now, and today I did miss an oppurtunity to give back to the community by volunteering to wrap the gifts for poor children like I had planned. I did participate in donating to the Womans shelter in my area, I gave them several stockpile items I had, although these aren't eco friendly items it is better to share and use them and then not buy anymore when they are gone than to dump them out. By throwing something out rather than using it or donating it you are causing waste, wasting our resources and the product still gets introduced to our environment. From my statement you might think that you can't make a difference then, but your purchases matter alot, its the law of supply and demand. When demand for a product goes down than so does supply. Companies lose money when they make excess products, so when you stop buying the products that are harmful to our environment and possibly even ourselves you decrease the demand for it!

The first step to making a change for me is always research. I have always been inquisitive and to me the internet is a great tool, yes check your sources because anyone can post on here, but you can find scientific fact on here and the truth.

 If enough people say a lie is truth does it than become truth or is it still a lie? Food for thought while you discover and learn more about our world, yourself, and our life in this day and this age of the world.