Sunday, November 8, 2015

$40 Grocery Trip


I want to start this post by pointing out that the title on this one says trip, not haul. I was proud of myself when I did the large $50 grocery hauls, but those are TOTALLY dependent on me finding managers specials, good sales, and being flexible with my purchases.

The last two weeks I didn't even post my hauls because I went over budget. This week I will go over once I finish my shopping, I'm going again on Wednesday for double ad day at Knights (a great place to buy meat).

This week my most expensive purchase was organic salad, We paid $5.99 for a big tub. Normally we pay $1.99 for the big tub on the sell by date (usually is good for days to a week after this date), but today there were none on managers special. I could have also saved money by buying the salad loose rather than packaged, that would have saved 50%.

This trip was one of my worst IMO. I got 22 items for $40, but most of those items are snacks or only one part of a meal...

I decided to do a blog about this trip because I'm really trying to come up with the appropriate budget for our needs. I'm just not sure my last goal of $50 a week or $200 a month is sustainable, because that figure depends on finding good deals, and sometimes we can't! I also need to come up with a budget for non food items that some people include in their grocery budget but up til this point we have kept separate.